A Written Operational Plan is a Must


Plan for your business success Humboldt County

Sometimes business owners ask me if it is really that important to have a written operational plan. The answer is YES, YES, YES.

I don’t care what you call it, it can be a business plan, a growth plan, a marketing plan, whatever you like, but you definitely need one.

And it must be written.

Here’s why.

A WRITTEN PLAN POINTS YOUR BUSINESS IN A DESIRABLE DIRECTION. First and foremost, you want that. The people who help you operate your business want that too. They want to know where you (and they) are going.

People work for more than a paycheck. They work for ideals, goals and a mission or purpose. As the leader of all those who help you, it is your task to inspire them to help you. And by pointing them in a desirable direction, and by outlining clear benefits they can expect to enjoy when they help you secure your vision, those you lead will be far more likely to help you get all that you want.

A WRITTEN PLAN SHAPES STRATEGY. And the right strategy creates prosperity and happiness on the part of the business owner.

Every business and business owner needs a growth and prosperity strategy – and it needs to be written done in the form of a plan. And strategies can never be created in a vacuum. So instead of looking at what’s new or what competitors are doing and trying to copy them, wise business owners create the most effective strategies possible to accomplish the mission their company is set out to accomplish.

Here’s the deal. There are six and only six ways that a business can be made to grow by applying strategy. I say “made to grow” because a business does not grow by itself. The business owner and his or her people have to do things and say things to make the business grow.

Here are those six things.

Double Your Income Humboldt County

Please note that these six things also contribute to INCOME DOUBLING, a very nice benefit to be sure. Who does not want to their business to generate more money? Well, no one I’ve ever met thinks that’s a bad idea – and indeed I never met anyone whose business suffered because it generated too much money.

A WRITTEN PLAN PROVIDES A TEMPLATE FOR DECISION-MAKING. Your plan sets important boundaries which enable you to delegate both responsibility and authority to others…so you don’t have to do everything yourself. Writing things down provides you with a framework for thinking throughout your organization. It gives you boundaries and guardrails to follow so you can stay on the path to your preferred future.

AND FINALLY, A WRITTEN PLAN FACILITATES EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT. No plan is perfect and things will go wrong. But when you have a plan, you can measure your progress against your plan and make course adjustments and operational revisions as needed along the way.

Big True Fact: With a written operational plan for your business that details key goals and the steps you and others will take to secure them, you have a much better chance of consistently saying and doing things that will indeed make your business grow and prosper like never before. And make your life less stressful and more satisfying at the same time…great outcomes!

Of course, I can help you formulate a simple plan. It does not need to be 50 pages long with lots of statistical stuff. A couple of pages will do nicely for starters.