I once wrote a book entitled “How Come You’re Not Rich Yet?” That’s a favorite question I like to ask business owners. Here’s why. We know how people can get rich in business. It’s not a secret. You just have to do enough of what’s known to work. Now it won’t be easy, but we do know what do to. And if you want to grow real big, you can become a millionaire or a billionaire if you want that.


Speaking of getting rich, Forbes Magazine recently published their annual list of billionaires in the world today. There are 1153 of them. I think the list needs some further refinement because some of these billionaires did nothing to make their money. They are on the list only because they inherited their wealth from a previous generation. I don’t care about them. I’m interested in the billionaires who are not members of the Wal-Mart family or the Saudi Arabian sheikdom and who did not literally stumble into a long lost pirate treasure. The self-made entrepreneurial billionaires in the world are the people I want to talk about. And every single one of those boys and girls is an owner of an extremely profitable business, that they founded, that serves many (or large) customers. It is from their personal creativity coupled with the sweat of their very hard work that these individuals became billionaires.


Here’s the significant point. Every one of these self-made entrepreneurial billionaires has a GRAND STRATEGY that works splendidly. They’ve figured out how to do business excellently. They have what in the Master-Mind Alliance® we call a DONE BUSINESS. That’s like having an MBA in your own business. And according to the money, the DONE BUSINESSES these self-made Forbes billionaires own has made them a ton of money.


Big time success in business for you, just like for the entrepreneurial billionaires in the world, requires splendid GRAND STRATEGY. GRAND STRATEGY includes many things. The centerpiece, the engine that drives GRAND STRATEGY is your SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR. That’s the fire in the belly… and it must be splendid and stay splendid.


SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR is all the things you say and all the things do that bring in the money. That has got to work. And you got to be able to do enough of it. Then, when you have access to a large enough pool of potential buyers… because your marketing works… you ought to be able to make as much money as you could ever want, right? YES.


If you have splendid GRAND STRATEGY and if you routinely wield splendid SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR and if you routinely have access to a large enough pool of potential buyers of what you sell… there’s no reason in the world why you cannot get rich… if that is what you so desire, because that’s all it ever takes, that’s all it has ever taken and all it will ever take to get rich.




Now then, if you’re not RICH YET, or close to it… the only reason for that is that your GRAND STRATEGY is not yet SPLENDID. Something is askew. Your SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR needs some improvement. Or, maybe it works just fine, but for some reason, you’re unable to do enough of it.


Please understand this. With nine YES or NO questions, we can examine the causes for that being less that rich yet predicament and perhaps find a place to begin improvements. Go through this with me and let’s see.


1. Do you have a ROAD MAP, some document that sets forth crystal clear INTENTIONS about money goals, growth projections, time you want to spend working and such? YES/NO. If you answer NO to this we cannot go any further. We’ve found our place to start making improvements.


2. Do you sell goods, products and services that people genuinely need or want? YES/NO


3. Can people afford to buy those things from you? YES/NO.


4. When they buy from you do you make a decent profit? YES/NO.


5. Can you thoroughly describe your ideal best customer? YES/NO. If NO, you can’t go any further. You must know this cold.


6. Are you making enough potential buyers find out about you? Is your customer or client attraction process working smoothly? YES/NO. If the answer is NO, could it be that your SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR needs some adjustment or perhaps a major overhaul? YES/NO.


When you consider the effectiveness of your SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR and find that something is missing we need to get into that, don’t we? Yeah. Because if we can figure that out… and can remedy that situation, if we can make your SALES GENERATION BEHAVIOR, including your marketing and advertising, work better, then you just need to do more of that, right? Yup!


7. Do you know how to make your marketing work better? The answer to this question is often NO. Sometimes it’s a YES BUT, meaning you’re not doing enough of what you should be doing. When we get a YES BUT, we need to probe deeper into that.


8. Are you being constrained or held back? YES/NO. If you are being unnaturally inhibited we need to know by what or whom.


9. Finally, we come to this question. Do you think there are other people in the world who sell what you do… yet who make more money than you do? YES. How do they do that? Are they doing things you are not doing? DON’T KNOW. Would you like to find out? YES.

Okay, by running through these nine questions, we can find a starting point, a place from which to grow your business by making improvements in INTENTIONS, STRUCTURES and BEHAVIORS.


The thing that makes it possible to become a billionaire is splendid GRAND STRATEGY. GRAND STRATEGY is about INTENTIONS (goals, ambition and motivation) plus STRUCTURES (mechanisms, systems and arrangements that make it possible for a business to function and achievement to happen) and finally BEHAVIOR (all forms of appropriate business action and activity where the rubber meets the road).


A huge part of the DONE Business Solution® is figuring out what needs to happen for you to make more money. Once we have a starting point, start making improvements to your SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR, improving the things you say and do to bring in the money, then your entire GRAND STRATEGY can function more SPLENDIDLY. As a business person, it’s your main job to arrange your life so you can do lots and lots of whatever your splendid SALES GENERATING BEHAVIOR happens to be.


Now one more thing about those self-made Forbes billionaires, in the beginning everyone one of them worked real hard to make themselves wealthy. But after a while, they didn’t work so hard anymore. They don’t even work smart. They worked BETTER… and BETTER is better. It just is. In fact, that’s the trick in life. You win by being BETTER. BETTER wins the day. So go out and Be BETTER By Choice. That’s what I leave you with here. You can do that. You know you that you can do BETTER because others have. And if others can do it, so can you.