Where Are You Going?



The answer is a complicated one, but here’s what we do know. High achievers think differently. They act differently behave differently. To find your dream and start changing your life, and get to better place, the first step is to take time to answer the following question. “Do you want to find out how good you can get.”


In 1991, on an airplane flight from California to Utah, author Stephen Covey found himself sitting next to San Francisco 49er football quarterback Steve Young. Young was in his fourth year on the team and playing behind Joe Montana, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Young was frustrated by his lack of playing time, by the expectations of the fans when he did play, by the constant comparisons to Montana. Young knew who Covey was, the author of the widely acclaimed “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People,” so he shared his situation with Covey, even though he felt like a whiner venting all of this. But Covey listened.


Covey asked Young this question. “Do you want to find out how good you can get?”


Young said, “Yeah, I do.”


Covey then said, “Then go do it.”


This story was related to the members of the Master-Mind Alliance in our group meeting on April 12, just last week, by Dr. Eric Wennerholm, our resident raconteur. The crux of this story, as Eric so brilliantly put it, is this. WHAT’S YOUR DREAM? WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? In other words, if you are less than deliriously happy with your lot – be it football or a relationship or the status of a small business – then you must take steps to improve things or nothing will get better and the misery will continue unabated.


But what steps?


These: Ask yourself where you want to be? What would be a better place? Where do you want to go?


Now to answer these questions you must start with a broader and more basic question…WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?


In the Master-Mind Alliance we deal with this fundamental starting place all the time. An Alliance member or visitor to one of our meetings will say, “My biggest issue right now is…” And the other members will start asking clarifying questions and responding with suggestions and recommendations focused in a solution.




Until we are clear as to what the underlying desired outcome or dream is, we can never get a perfect resolution. A description of the dream must come first. Then we can get to the plan, the resolution, the new and/or better strategy that in reasonable time will secure the dream and produce happiness.


So, there you have it. WHAT’S YOUR DREAM? Then, WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? If, like Steve Young, you truly want to find out how good you can get, you must know what you want to get good at, and in what area do you want to play exceeding well. And that’s the WHERE ARE YOU GOING question. It all fits together.


Pick a goal and measure yourself against that goal. Strive to be the best, at whatever you choose, that you can possibly be. Define success your way, and then work to achieve your definition of success. Then, no matter what you else you achieve, you’ll be successful… because yours will be a life well lived.


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