The WHAT and the WHY



Someone asked me the other day how is it that so many already successful Master-Mind Alliance business owners members double their business income in just a few months or a couple of years in the program? I have been asked this question before so I have an answer.


The answer is…


Excellent, thorough and comprehensive planning: including strategies that work, and a big dose of support and accountability. That’s it. Oh, and more thing – HUNGER. The business owner has to really want to make his or her income double or triple or quadruple.


Every new member to the Master-Mind starts planning to get more of what they want – often it’s some combination of more money and less work – by answering EIGHT DONE Business Generating Questions. A DONE Business is a nearly perfect business, one that generates plenty of cash money, as we used to say in Texas, and is easy to operate so the owner can have the life that owning a business is supposed to make possible.


The first two of the eight questions are these:


1. WHAT – Exactly what is it you most want from your business right now?


Sometimes I ask this follow-up question to get people started with an answer. “If you could wave a magic wand around your business and change or improve anything about it, what would you change?”


It is crucial that the person describe in detail exactly what it is that he or she wants, and in plain language. I often ask them to answer this question as if they were speaking to a child. Then I ask them to write down their answer.


Once I, as an outside listener, understand what it is they want, then comes the second question.


2. WHY – Why do you want that? How will having what you want make your business-life and your life in general better, more fulfilling, and more satisfying?


And I ask them to answer this question as if they were talking to someone who knows little or nothing about them or their business. Once I understand their “why” then and only then can we proceed to do the rest of the planning paradigm. You see, the “why” is their motivation, their HUNGER – as in an overwhelming intense desire to achieve – and that has to come from within.


However, if they are not sparklingly clear and concise as to what they WANT and WHY, guess what happens. Not much! No business owner or professional person I have ever met has successfully and on a reasonable schedule ever doubled or tripled or quadrupled his or her and income without first establishing this strong upfront clarity. Sure, blind luck plays a role sometimes in quantum leaps forward but that’s rare.


CLARITY AND HUNGER + HARD WORK AND ACCOUNTABILITY generate INCOME DOUBLE and HALF THE TROUBLE. It all starts with a power filled answer to the WHAT and the WHY. Get that right and we can drill down through the other six of the EIGHT DONE Business Generating Questions.