The Power of Your Words



Author Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”



Big Fat Truth: Words can change everything in a split second. Words can change our thoughts, our hearts, our minds, our world – and even others’ worlds. Words change the world.



The question I want you to think about is…how important are the words you use in your life, and especially in your business-life?



Here’s the thing. Your words can be a very powerful and effective tool. Then can send messages, convey information, praise, outline ideas, share thoughts, inspire, unite, direct, empower, prompt action, stop action, help you connect with customers, assist in negotiation and, ultimately, help you build your business and keep it flourishing. Or your words can do the opposite. They can discourage, divide, anger, criticize, misguide, mislead, confuse, create misunderstanding, suspicion, and chaos. That’s why it’s vital to pick your words wisely. Empires, governments, businesses, relationships and careers rise and fall because of words.



Think about your marketing activities? Do your marketing messages convey images and thoughts and emotions? Do the sounds and sights used in your marketing messages evoke meaning in people’s minds? Do words have anything to do with that? Sure.  And…in all your communications understanding matters a lot. That’s why it is especially important to make sure the people who hear or read the words you use in your marketing message properly understand the meaning you intend them to convey. Understanding matters and misunderstanding certainly happens, and that can be disastrous.



And think about when trying to get a disengaged employee back on track? Do your words matter then? Gosh yes. Simply saying, “Hey, Steve, get it together” probably will have no long term positive effect. But saying something like the following might. “Steve, I know you can do better and that needs to happen quickly. You have the skills and the know-how, so what will it take for you to be more involved?”



Now just listen to the difference in these phrases: “What do you want?” vs. “How may I help you?” “Look on my website” vs. “Let me take this opportunity to answer that for you.” “Let’s meet and talk” vs.  “I’d like to get together to explore ideas.” “Sorry” vs. “Please accept my apology.”



On a personal level, think of the power of your words as an echo. Whatever you put out will come back to you. For example, whatever follows “I am” ______ (tired, unlucky, stupid, brilliant.) will come back looking for you.



Both positive and negative thoughts become the conduit to the “I am” phrase. When we say (and thereby hear) the words we invite those qualities to come into our lives. When we constantly talk about negativity, lack, or defeat, our own words will pave the way for defeat and failure.



When you say, “I am so tired,” you may actually become more tired. To change that, you won’t necessarily say “I feel wonderful” (when you don’t) – however, “I will be refreshed soon” or “I’m looking forward to getting my second wind,” might work.

In summary, your words have more power than you think.  Don’t believe me.  Try this exercise.  For the next 48 hours, only speak positive things.  If someone asks you how you’re doing, tell him or her in an energetic tone, “I’m doing really well.  How about you?” instead of your usual, “I guess I’m all right,” even if you’re running on fumes.  If that negative family member comes around asking how your business is doing, tell him or her, “It’s going great” and why it’s going so well, even if you just launched a new initiative and are waiting to see how that plays out.  If you can do this for 48 hours, you can do it for 72.  Just keep going and watch your positive words bring positive life to your business.



Please choose your words carefully, get better results and be happier.