Small Business Marketing Consultants


Small Biz Marketing ConsultantsYes indeed…this is about helping a business owner, perhaps like you, make more money. That’s what small business marketing consultants do. They help business owners get a better handle on the life-blood of their business, the part that brings in the money…their marketing.

Just look at all the stuff in that picture at the top. All of that and more pertains to marketing. Now ask yourself if you have mastered all that yet.

Expert small business marketing consultants know about a lot of that stuff, probably more than you do, unless you happen to have a college degree in marketing, which you probably do not.

Every small business owner in the world must someone figure out all that marketing and money making stuff on their own – or run the risk of having their business turn out to be a hugely frustrating experience and an expensive hobby. Yuck!

Small business marketing consultants, like most any consultants, can see things about your business that you cannot see, and probably never will see because you are too close to it. Big True Fact: One cannot give himself or herself unbiased valid perspective. That by definition has to come from outside the inner loop from someone whose eyes are fresh.

Providing this at times much needed perspective, and the make-it-better-advice that can develop from that input, is the central job performed by small business marketing consultants.

If you are sick and tired of working long and hard while not getting the results you want from your business, and if you suspect that marketing is the problem, (and it often is) then seeking input from a one or two (why limit yourself to just one) small business marketing consultants might be just what you need.

When you’ve tried all you can think of, its time to try what other people can think of. Common sense, right? yup!



Are You Sick And Tired of Working Hard and Feeling Like Your Business Is Running You Instead Of The Other Way Around?

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How Would You Like To Get Rid Of The Uncertainty
And Take Charge Once And For All?

There comes a time when you realize that your strategies are failing, that cash flow is lousy, that there is insufficient income and you have tried everything you can think of. You know you offer things for sale that people want and you’re still struggling while your competitors seem to be doing just fine.




The fix to that problem could be the $1,000,000 answer.

Let’s be clear on how to measure whether your business strategies are working. There is only ONE true measure: income. If your business is generating less income than you want then your strategies must change. It’s that simple.

You know you have to have control over your results. You have to be able to market and sell more of what you offer. There has to be more money coming into your business. It should be so much easier than it is.

You feel frustrated and kind of angry about this.


There are Three Facts that characterize the business life of all small business owners.

Fact #1: You want predictable control of your operation – especially your sales growth and profits. To have that, your goal securing strategies must work. When they do you can have unlimited prosperity and the satisfaction of running your business your way. After all, being in charge is one of the main reasons why you chose to run your own business instead of working for someone else. Therefore, you must have better strategies.

Fact #2: You want to work and live with confidence, competence and independence because without that – life sucks!

Fact #3: If you are sick and tired enough of feeling less than totally in charge of your business…that’s great because that’s a starting place for change to enter your life.


Once you discover the secrets of controlling your business – rather than having your business control you – then peace and prosperity can be yours.

For almost 30 years, we have been helping business owners, just like you, gain the control they seek and become financially free using superior planning and operational strategies that make everything better.

Give us an hour of your time and we’ll help you understand exactly where the problem is and how to start making the right moves to change course and to get your business and yourself on the Path to Prosperity and Happiness.

We’ll even show you three things you can do right now to get yourself on the right track.

Our clients typically double or triple their business income as a direct consequence of working with us to find and apply business strategies that work.


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