Seven Comittments – Building Blocks Of Success


A long time ago I wrote Seven Commitments – made them part of my work and the lessons I teach. In my opinion these commitments are the building blocks to success.

Here they are:

1. Responsibility—“I will use all my power and freedom to create my own life.”

2. Passion—“I will align my interests, enthusiasm and talent with the most appropriate territory.”

3. Insight—“I will know myself, acknowledge my limits and play from my strengths.

4. Openness—“I will seek and accept good counsel and assistance from all helpful resources.

5. Thoroughness—“I will assume nothing without confirmation.

6. Consideration—“I will judge no one without investigation.”

7. Adaptability—“I will regroup and change goals, plans and strategy as necessary.”

The Seven Commitments – there you have them.

Now then, as you get going today and this week, try to remember some of these commitments and try to make them part of how you operate. Do that and you will have a great week and a great life – full of accomplishments.