VISION, SAM & POP – Keys to Victory


You want to have the best year ever in your business. Okay, but how? What’s the process to make that happen?


You begin the path to victory by creating a written Vision Statement, a paragraph or two describing where you want to take your business this year, what you want for your business. Then you decide upon a few goals you will need to accomplish so your Vision can come true. Your goals will need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.


Next you need a Practical Tactical Plan of action that you will follow. Your PTP must describe exactly what you and others will be saying and doing in the regular and routine operation of your business in order that you can get you what you say you want.


Your PTP must also describe the Strategies and the Systems you will utilize in pursuit of your goals. What are these things exactly? A Strategy is a plan of action designed to secure a certain goal. A System is a set of procedures by which something is to be done.


Very important: the Strategies and Systems you plan to use must be tested – either by you or by someone else – so that you can be confident that they will work.


Now think SAM – Systems + Accountability + Motivation.


To get you what you say you want you must utilize External Accountability from a person who will follow up with you and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do.


And – if sufficient Motivation is not present, nothing significant will happen. RESULTS require Motivation. Big RESULTS require BIG Motivation. So, start there. Go back to your Vision Statement and write another paragraph stating WHY you want what it describes. The WHY is your motivation.


Motivation must come before Strategy/Systems and Accountability.


Now then, finally we come to this. If none of this stuff is written down what is it? I don’t know but it’s not a plan. And what’s likely to happen if it’s not written down? Nothing much.


Think POP – PUT ON PAPER. Write it down. Share it with your accountability partner.


Always remember, it’s your business. You are in charge. You can win big or…not. Your choice. Please choose wisely.