Are You Ready for a DONE Business?

I want to describe a concept called A DONE Business. So, first things being first I should define what I mean by a DONE Business.


A DONE Business is a nearly perfect small business or professional practice that makes the owner or owners very happy. It’s truly a money making machine. It cranks out money and is easy to operate. It also dazzles customers so everybody wins! Neat huh.


Well there’s a bit more to it than that. Here are the details.


Any business that offers products and services people want or need, that can be sold at a price prospective buyers can afford, and then cost effectively delivered, for a decent profit, can be transformed into a DONE Business.


And when you have a DONE Business anytime you want, you can crank up the marketing and sell more and you can take lots of worry free time off.


We know how to make all this happen, it’s not a secret. It’s a matter of structure, strategy and behavior. And it’s simple. It’s not always easy but still straight forward and simple.


To tell if you can transform your existing business into a DONE Business ask yourself if you can answer YES to these questions: 1) Do you sell things people need or want? 2) Can the people who can be made to know about what you offer afford to buy from you? 3) Can you cost effectively deliver what you sell, at a decent profit? 4) Do you like what you do? if you can honesty answer YES to these four questions, then you can have a DONE Business and the great life that goes with it.


In case you don’t know me, a few words about me.


Since about 1979, I’ve been consulting and coaching small business owners and operators. First in the San Francisco Bay Area and since 1996, in Eureka, California, on the northern coastal region of the state.


I have a great job. I cannot think of anything else I could possibly do. In fact, I can’t do anything else. Can’t fix my car. Can’t … well I can do a few other things but I love my job. So, I’ll keep at it.