Perfection Is A Never Ending Quest


Yes indeed, an inescapable truth.


Here’s another. Change we must, often and forever.


A ton of stuff has been written about perfection and change. I’ll tackle change first.


What do we know about change? Well, I believe we all know that change is inevitable, inescapable and always a part of our life whether we like it or not.


Success and happiness in life requires struggle, and that means change and more change and then more change.


We change to make things better, to improve our situation and the situations of the people we care about.


Wikipedia says change is the process or end result of becoming different. Sure, but better – nearer to perfect – never intentionally worse. Changing your situation to intentionally make it become worse in some way would be stupid don’t you think? Yeah.


Now about perfection. Perfection is a steady state we seek – the desired end result of the changes we make.


Human beings are constantly chasing an ideal, a notion of perfection. This is the reason why we change so much and so often. We want life to be better. Of course it is perfectly human for us to want this. Better or perfect can mean simpler, easier, faster, slower, richer, wiser, longer, shorter, stronger, healthier, all sorts of things.


Now Sir Winston Churchill was a very influential world leader in his time. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. A wise and cleaver man to be sure.


When Churchill was running the British war effort against the Germans and the Italians in WWII, he was faced with an unimaginable number of necessities to change things every day, probably every hour. After all, the future of humanity as was a stake.


In the quotation above Churchill is saying that to get what we want, to live the life we want, we must be prepared to work on making changes all the time, forever and ever seeking perfection. Big, small, easy, painful or whatever we must change if we are to enjoy our life.


WHY – because the external and internal environments in which we live and work change all the time. Nothing stays the same for long. As soon as we get all settled into something terrific we’ve just created as a result of effort, the universe comes along as says – “Surprise, things beyond your immediate control are now different. More is required of you if you want to restore balance and be happy again.” Such is life folks. Like it or not.


What will you change today? You might have an answer to this. But what will you need to change next week or next month? This you may now know until next week or next month comes along.




When you successfully change and make your situation truly better, for a while – you do get to experience perfection – and that feels great. It is addicting almost. So perfection we seek because it feels so good. Again, perfectly normal and human of us all.


FINALLY – A big thanks to William Hardwick, owner of A-1 Cleaning Service and HumWebIt in Eureka, for sharing Churchill’s quotation with me a couple of days ago. I was thinking about the quest of perfection and the need to never ending change for the rest of the day and decided to write about it here. Thanks Will.