Never Let Loose Of Your Golden Goose

Business owners are entrepreneurial – meaning they take financial risks in the hope of creating profit. The problem is that many of them suffer from a unique form of
 attention deficit disorder. An idea for some new kind of business pops into their head and off they go on a tangent.


This can cause big trouble when the new and exciting looking opportunity takes their attention off the main thing, their “Golden Goose,” the business that works, the business that pays the bills, the business that gives them the financial freedom they ought to hold onto with all their might.


Two examples. Fred, the owner of a thriving sign making business, decides to open a thrift store to sell old clothes on consignment. Mary, the owner of a bakery, decides to start selling skateboards and organic pet food online. These forays into new ventures sound exciting and potentially profitable, so Fred and Mary dive right in and work to make their new businesses work. In the meantime, their existing business starts to suffer from a huge lack of attention. Soon they begin to show cash flow shortages, their employees high level of productivity begins to decline and so on – all because they took their attention off their main thing – and that’s never good.




The Golden Goose that you have spent so much of your time and energy and financial resources to develop needs your eyes and ears and heart in it or it will eventually stumble, falter and fail to be what it ought to be – a source of gold.


I am not saying that you ought never let your entrepreneurial spirit exercise itself, because that’s a big part of who you are. I am saying that you ought to use caution when you do.


Now then, if you ever have trouble dealing with any part of your business life at any time, you call me, okay. I will help you make things better.