Measurable Progress in Reasonable Time



Big True Fact: Experiencing proof of your progress and achievement will spur you on to even greater success! Every time. Yup, yup, yup.


Something we discuss at every Master-Mind Alliance meeting is — are members making measurable progress in reasonable time? One of the goals of Master-Mind Alliance is that members make progress that can be measured by counting something or concretely observing something substantial. We want every member to make noticeable steady progress, to keep getting better, to approach that DONE Business Ideal and upon reaching that goal to enjoy it and, of course, to sustain it.


Since measurable progress matters so much we talk about and plan for it and encourage all the appropriate behavior to make it happen throughout our entire group meeting. And it feels really good to experience this from one month to the next month when we meet again.


Human beings like feeling that progress, growth, new understanding, learning and such is happening. These things feel good. The opposite of these things — stagnation, frustration and being totally stuck – causes stress and unhappiness and misery which no one wants.


We know how to make the operation of any viable small business highly successful. You just have to do enough of the things that are known to work. Those things are not a secret. We talk about them and share experiences using them at each and every Master-Mind Alliance meeting.