Marketing – Make Yours Work Better



It is true that if you put your offer forward, out into the market place, eloquently enough, your stuff will sell big time. But, if you’re like most small business people, you do not have a college degree in marketing. So, what are you to do? You certainly want to sell more stuff. But how? What are your best marketing options, the ones that will make your marketing work better?


When you can SHOW your target market that what you do solves a problem, makes their life easier or gives them pleasure in some way, sales will happen, and your business will take off.


But if that’s not happening for you now, here are some underlying causal factors that may be holding you back.


  • No written marketing plan
  • No clearly identified target ideal customer or client
  • Offer is vague
  • Offer is not compelling
  • No measurement or accountability
  • Not enough time or money budgeted
  • Poorly organized
  • No follow-through
  • Too often caught up in the tyranny of the urgent
  • Don’t know how to talk (negotiate) to close enough sales


Any one of these things can kill your marketing before you start. If you have one of these issues or more than one going on, then you’ve found your place to begin making improvements.


Bottom line, your marketing message must do three things. First, it must CAPTURE ATTENTION. There’s a reason why people will spend thousands of dollars on a TV commercial or on a logo design. These things must instantly grab the attention of whoever sees, hears or experiences them in some fashion.


Second, your marketing message must CLARIFY. It must show what’s unique or special or how what you offer will help or solve a problem or give pleasure to the buyer.


Third, your marketing message must COMPEL. It must be crafted in such a way as to make it so some people, hopefully a lot of people, respond to it by calling or by coming in or by emailing or by visiting your website and eventually, again hopefully, buying from you sooner rather than later.


If the topic “Marketing – Make Yours Work Better” is of interest to you, and you’d like to attend the December meeting of the Master-Mind Alliance® as a guest and listen to what we have to say about all this, call us and we’ll make it happen. Who knows, it could change your life.


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