Make Sales or Die


Okay let’s be clear. If you own a business and do not make enough sales happen, what becomes of your business? Simple. It eventually fails. Should that occur, you will have to do something else, like go to work for a business owner who has figured out how to make enough sales happen. Or, if your business does not totally fail, it will certainly become a severe and stressful burden. And unless you fix that, you will wind up settling for less. Yuck! Who would want that? No one.



In all businesses cash is king, and cash comes from profitable sales. So, profitable sales must happen, regularly and without bone crushing effort.




What if right now enough sales are not happening? We’ll guess what, there is hope. There are steps you can take and you a process you can implement, that when done properly and fully, will turn things around and make it so more profitable sales do happen. This is the subject of this newsletter, and if you are interested, please read on.



1. First, you must be sparkling clear in your mind that you want things to be better, that you are ready, willing and able to do what might be a massive amount of work to turn things around. Don’t start this process if you are not yet ready.

2. Begin by clarifying your target audience, your potential customers or clients. What are their top needs, wants, issues and problems? What are the situations confronting them that will be genuinely resolved when they buy your goods, products and/or services?

3. Next tune up your offer. It must be low risk or no risk and compelling enough to generate interest sufficient to cause people to communicate with you.

4. Then, sharpen your marketing and your personal sales communications skills, and the skills of those who work with you as well.

5. Write a plan. Set reasonable goals and milestones and timelines to reach potential buyers and/or to get them to contact you, and to engage in sales generating conversations.

6. Implement your plan.

7. Finally, get whatever outside help and advice you may require in order to make all of these things happen effectively. Don’t think you must go it alone


You are not alone. There is plenty of highly qualified and capable help available to you. You just need to ask for it.




Remember, in the world of all possible offerings, there are things that are bought and there are things that must be sold. Groceries, people just come into the store and buy those. Supplemental insurance policies, those must be sold. That’s harder to do. If your offerings fall into “the things that must be sold” category sharp sales skills are a mandate.




Now seriously, do not stay stuck. If you are stuck and could use a little help, a friendly nudge forward, some advice and support, get it. Ask. Ask me, I’ll come talk with you personally, or we can talk by phone, or Skype.