Joyful Clarity



Clarity, you want that. And to borrow an adjective from Tony Robbins, Joyful Clarity, well that’s even the better. Of course!


Clarity is power. The clearer you are about EXACTLY what it is you want, the more effectively your brain will help you get that. And the more ALIVE you will feel as you move through your workday and all the other days in your life.


Lack of clarity or fuzzy clarity or less than joyful clarity, well that won’t help you have the same quality of life as Joyful Clarity will.


So how do you become joyfully clear?


Well some people mediate on the question of who am I? And what do I want? And sometimes answers come that way. Some people get a big piece of butcher paper, tape it to the wall and start writing on it. Some people leaf through magazines looking for images that resonate to them then they cut them out and glue them together in a meaningful way on a piece of paper, then put the piece of paper on the wall.


Sometimes it helps to engage in conversation with people who know you and who can help you formulate precision of purpose and direction.


And the joyful part – you know you have that going on when your conversation or mediation or collage making activity brings a smile to your face or a meaningful feeling in your heart. Then watch out world because armed with Joyful Clarity you will be unstoppable.