JULY 2016

Let me share a universal truth.

If you are determined enough to own and operate a small business, the number one thing you want is to exert maximum control over the outcomes of your money making activities so that your enterprise may thrive and continue to exist. In other words you seek the ability to confidently predict results. Without this ability your business will always be uncomfortably stressful to operate and it may stumble, falter and may ultimately fail.

On the other hand, when you are armed with the ability to confidently predict the outcomes of your money making activities you will have low stress levels and plenty of free time, an altogether highly desirable life style, all the consequences of you doing your own thing in your own way. This is a life only a few get to enjoy as most never will. It is entrepreneurial freedom and that’s absolutely splendid.

To have those things your business operation must run systematically, so it can actually run by itself, without you needing to be there all the time. That’s entrepreneurial freedom and that’s absolutely splendid.

Getting there requires astute strategic planning and nearly flawless implementation of top money making activities. And of course, chaos must be made to give way to predictability.
JULY 2016.2The die with all faces showing sixes above is an example of predictability. No matter how you toss it, it will always come up as a six.

Here’s the question then. How can more business owners get more of those three things they all want?

With helpful input, that’s how.

Big Fat Truth: It is very difficult to become — and then to remain super successful — when working in isolation, making decisions and doing your problem solving and planning all by yourself. Running a small business is just too complex and too hard to be done well without external perspective, input and support.

Business people who want to long term success, sustainable success, need regular input on strategy and plans from folks like themselves who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise and who understand what it’s like to have the buck stop at their feet because they’ve all been there. Successful business owner peers are most able to actually offer meaningful help and support to others like themselves because they understand, they get it.

Every business owner needs a place where they can get together with supportive peers and say, “I don’t have this all figured out.”

Long ago I had a flash of insight. I thought, “Hey by golly, if I can create a committed community of business owners, and in so doing provide a place where they feel it’s safe to say three magic words, I don’t know… and then receive helpful problem solving and shrewd planning input from their peers… I just might have myself a business. So I did.” And 40 years later, I’m still at it. It’s called the Master-Mind Alliance®.

How’s it going? The best answer comes from the results experienced by our members. And I’m happy to say that in the last few months of 2016 we added four more business owner members of the Master-Mind Alliance® to the BUSINESS INCOME DOUBLE CLUB. These four business owners drove out the chaos, instituted better systems and strategies, achieved predictability, doubled their business income, and they’re doing great.

One did better than double, he quadrupled his business income.

Business people who want to be successful in the long run need input on strategy and plans from folks like themselves who understand and who can actually offer others the special kind of help and support because… they’ve all been there.

If the notion of a committed community of business owners who help each other prosper sounds intriguing at all to you, and if you think you might like to explore your options with us, you are invited to bring yourself to a meeting of the Master-Mind Alliance® with no cost or obligation attached. You can meet members of the Master-Mind Alliance®, experience what we do, and of course talk to the newest members of the BUSINESS INCOME DOUBLE CLUB.

So come on… you can’t lose. At the very least, you’ll learn a couple of new things about business strategy and meet some great local business owners.