To Improve Your Business


Okay, you created a plan to improve the performance of your business. And you wrote it down. That’s great. Most business owners don’t have a written plan of any kind.

But you cannot stick your plan in a drawer and never look at it again, because to get what you want you must implement what’s in your business improvement plan. That means you need an “implementation plan” too.

An implementation plan is a subset of your improvement plan. It contains specific goals to attain and projects to initiate and complete. It outlines exactly how your goals and projects are to be accomplished in enough detail that someone familiar with your type of business could read it and immediately understand what you and those who work with you will be doing in the coming weeks and months to make your business more profitable, easier to operate and more personally satisfying to you.


It is the degree to which you work your goals and projects toward a positive conclusion that determines your level of success – your future – the quality of life you will get to enjoy. In other words, your future is a direct consequence of your behavior. The things you say and the things you do create your future.

For you to be happy, your behavior must have impact, must generate positive results, must secure the goals you set and complete the improvement and expansion projects you design and initiate. And the beautiful truth here is that all the things you choose to say – and all the things you choose to do – are totally under your control. You are in charge of all of that, totally.

We know a lot about this.