How To Establish Trust By Talking

December 2015

Is there anything more important to living a happy life than being able to establish trust with another person? I doubt it. After all, when people trust us we can do great things. Yet we do not learn about this in school. They don’t teach this, although they should.

To make up for that short coming, here are seven things you can do to establish trust by talking to people.

1. BE A STORY TELLER. People love stories, they listen more intently when to stories. They remember them. So tell good stories. You can even make them up, they don’t have to be true, just interesting and memorable.

2. SHOW GENUINE INTEREST. Demonstrate to the person with whom you are talking that you are sincerely interested in them. Ask about them. Look at them. Make eye contact. Smile.

3. ASK GOOD QUESTIONS. Drum up some always interesting questions you can ask. What was the most interesting thing that happened to you in the last month? What is your opinion of …? Who are the most important people in your life?

4. FIND COMMON GROUND. You will probably have something in common with the people you talk with so delve into that a little bit. Doing this helps you connect to them.

5. BE YOURSELF. You cannot truly be another person so don’t even try. You are already fascinating, so just go with that.

6. SHOW GRATITUDE. When appropriate, when someone does something nice for you, show your genuine appreciation for what they said or did that benefited you.

7. BE PERSISTENT. Keep at this. Trust matters in human interaction so never give up. Keep these seven trust establishing tips in mind and in your service.