How Do You Make More Money In A Business?



Okay, let’s face some basic facts. If you own a business and do not make money, or do not make enough money, your business will fail. Money is the life-blood of any business. Even the so called nonprofit kind of business. Money, or cash money as they say in Texas, is an absolute necessity for survival. And more is better than less. So, make more money, please.


I’m a behavioral psychologist. When I consult with business owners, I’m interested in the behaviors they utilize as they and their people operate the business.


Behavior is just two things: Things people say. Things people do. That’s it. When business people say and do enough of the right things right, money flows into their business. This is job #1 for all business owners.


So, how do business owners put enough of the right behavior in just the right place?


It’s a process. And it’s unique in application, depending on the nature of the business and the interests of the business owner.


First, we answer these questions. What’s the purpose of the business? Where does the business owner hope the business will be in a year or two? This matters because if you can’t see where you’re going, chances are you won’t get there. Get this all written down. And yes, it must be written down.


Then we get to the meat of the sales generating behavior. What must the people who are operating the business say and do to make money flow into the business?


PREWORK: The owners must identify the best prospective buyers of whatever their business offers. Who are the buyers? Demographically: Where do they live? What is their gender, age, education level and occupation? What are their affiliations? Psychographically: What are their needs, their wants, hopes and desires? What makes them happy, feel sad, frustrated and angry?


Once this prework is complete, the business operator can reasonably conclude the exact kind of people, with specific issues or problems, that can be satisfied with the products and services the business owner intends to provide?


Finally, we get to sales generating words and deeds. The business owner can plan and implement a sales generating strategy consisting of particular things to say and particular things to do as he, somehow makes contact with his identified best prospects, or gets them to contact the him. The business owner’s sales generating behavior consists of specific words (images, sounds, etc.) and deeds.


When the business owner or his designee, enters into a potential sales generating conversation with his prospect, he must be effectively persuasive in his conversation, or a sale will not occur.

Persuasion is set of behaviors that can be mastered by anyone willing to take the time to learn and practice them. These conversations most often are fact to face. But they can take place via Internet or telephone or email.


As a business growth strategist, I share what I know about persuasive communication with my clients and help them tailor what they say to their specific needs. I have to do this as that’s what produces more sales and more business growth.