Profits Double* & Half the Trouble – Business Coaching

Of course, while our suggestions and business coaching input will be helpful, we cannot guarantee that everyone who follows our suggestions will double their profits or income. Let’s face it, there are very few guarantees in life or in business.


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Want to make more profits? Of course you do. Want to have fewer things to worry about as you run your business? Sure. Well now you can. 



When you have the right strategies and the right business behavior and the willingness to revise your strategies and your behavior as may be needed, then securing all your goals and desires is eminently possible. And of course, most any business owners will welcome the notion of Profits Double & Half the Trouble. 

You Double your Profits by making a series of small improvements to FIVE PROFIT DOUBLING ELEMENTS in your business. Nothing earth shattering going on here, just getting on board with the most basic business reality.

And there are Six Categories of PROFIT DOUBLING STRATEGIES you must utilize along with the FIVE PROFIT DOUBLING ELEMENTS. Within each of the six categories there are a number of specific strategies and tactics which can be employed. To work effectively, these specific strategies and tactics must meet three requirements.

Input from an experienced business coach, who can see things from his or her external perspective that – because you are so close to your business that you cannot – can be invaluable to you as you attempt to make intelligent changes and get more of what you want from your small business.

Business coaching has been around for a long time, at least 30 years or so. I started calling myself a business coach when I lived in Palo Alto, CA. At that time a lot of people would ask me what I meant by business coaching. I would tell them business coaching is a little like psychotherapy for business owners combined with business development consulting. Today, although I still talk about business coaching, I prefer the term “business growth strategist” since the work is about developing and applying strategies that will help a business owner say and do things that will make the business grow and prosper. And Profits Double & Half the Trouble is all about that. 


* No guarantee is of success is implied. Some people who follow our suggestions will make more money and more profits but not all.