Winning Business Strategy



The Preeminent Goal In Your Business Must Be – To Organize The Operation Of It So That – It Always And Forever – Makes Lots Of Profit – With Ease And Low Stress For All Concerned.


Winning Business Strategy translates good intentions into Winning Business Behavior. Winning Business Behavior fosters growth and generates steady income and awesome profits. Awesome profits make any business owner deliriously happy.


Why work long stressful hours for little money
when you can learn how to work fewer hours for a lot
more money? 
You have that option. Yes, you do.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell.

WINNING BUSINESS STRATEGY MAKES BUSINESS WORK SPLENDIDLY. Armed with Winning Business Strategy, when you do enough of your planned for money making activities, that have been practiced and proven to work superbly, you will win…period, end of sentence.



Most business owners have no plan for how they will operate their business. They have no business goals either. They just let things go along as they always have. Deep down, they probably know that things could be better, but for some reason they just keep things as they are.



The formulation of Winning Business Strategy requires immense commitment and discipline, creative thinking, bull dog like determination, plus scheming, wisdom, and often, most importantly, incisive perspective from someone who is outside the inner loop in which you work, who can see things you cannot see.


Get strategy right and you will directly connect what you do best with the needs and wants of people who buy your products and services, or who could buy your products and services. That’s nirvana. That’s how everybody wins.



For every viable business there is always a Winning Business Strategy – and once and place and functioning, it has one key element in it. I’m talking about CONFIDENCE. You are supremely confident because you have thoroughly tested each facet of your business strategy. You are unquestionably sure that you are climbing the right ladder and continuously becoming incredibly efficient at what you do, and consequently, continuously becoming more and more prosperous. Again, that’s nirvana.


Now right now you already have a business. Perhaps you have been running it for a long time. It might be a second or third generation business or perhaps a family business. Whatever it is, you already have an approach, a way of operating your business, of attempting to control what happens day to day. In other words, you have an existing business strategy right now.


But what if you’re not getting all that you want from your business? What if you want something more? I believe you owe it to yourself to do all that you can to develop a better strategy.


Therefore, I’ll ask this question. Is there any good reason for avoiding the option to create a better business strategy, so you can get more of what you want, like the people in the following two stories?



An insurance broker enlisted our help. We agreed he would become a client. When we started our work together, his income was pretty decent. But, he was overly stressed from working too many hours and wanted to change that. He hoped things could be better but he was not sure how that could happen for him. He’d tried everything he could think of but still no joy.


We started our work together. First, we analyzed what was going on in his business currently. We looked at everything. Next, we presented him with an outline of an improvement plan. He agreed to implement it. Then the real work began. Over the course of a several weeks, together we created a Winning Business Strategy for his insurance practice and he began using it. And things changed.


Armed with better business behavior, this overworked insurance broker quadrupled his income – and – reduced his work time to just one week a month. This made him Deliriously Happy as this is exactly what he said he wanted on the first day we met.



Loene Gossett, the owner of a well-established office supply store, wanted more money from her business. We agreed she too would become one of our clients, and as with the insurance broker, we first analyzed her business. Again we looked at everything. Then, we presented her with a Winning Business Strategy and improvement plan that was designed to add an additional $90,000 profit to her bottom line in the next 12 months. Ninety thousand dollar of additional profit, that’s a good thing. She too is now deliriously happy.


Listen to what Loene says.

“This is Loene Gossett of Horizon Business Products. We’re back on Main Street in our new permanent location and so excited to be here after the fire in early 2015. 
I asked Richard of Master-Mind Alliance for some advice on how my store was running. After meeting with me for about twenty minutes he suggested two simple changes that will add close to ninety thousand dollars profit to my business over the next twelve months. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Richard.”

These are just two illustrations of the kind of results a well-crafted and well-implemented Winning Business Strategy can produce.


Business Behavior is all the things you say and do, and that you get those who help you operate your business to say and to do on your behalf, so big time success occurs.

We know how to make this happen. It’s not rocket science. All it takes to win bigger in business is a readiness and willingness and a commitment to try new things. 


I know what you want, a step by step process for creating Winning Business Strategy. Well truth is, creating Winning Business Strategy is rarely a linear process. And it can be tricky. There really is no straight ahead step by step formula to follow.

To create a Winning Business Strategy, there are fundamental questions to answer. Here are some of them.

1. What precisely do you want from your business? What are your business goals? How much income? How much do you want to work? How long do you want to keep your business going? How will you exit your business when you wish to retire or do other things?

2. What will be your new and better money making behavior, the things you say and do, actually be? Following the More, Less, Start, Stop, Better paradigm, what will you do more often? What will you do less often? What will you start doing? What will you stop doing? What will you do better

How will you keep score? How will you know if what you are saying and doing is working? What will you measure and count?

4. When you get all your new business behavior planned out, how you will orchestrate it, so that you do things the same way every time?

5. Because market conditions will change over time, requiring that you adjust and adapt, how will you insure that you continue to modify your better business behavior so that you continue to get pleasing results from your efforts? 

When you get stuck with your planning, and this is very likely to happen from time to time, who will you turn to for helpful input? Who will be your key trusted business adviser(s)? Truth is no one person knows everything so it is likely, that to construct answers to all the questions in the above list, and then to actually make the necessary changes, that you will require external input from people who can help. From whom will you get this valued and sometimes necessary help?

Piece of cake right. Sure. Just develop answers to these fundamental questions and create the skeleton of a Winning Business Strategy. Then flush it out your plan and start implementing your Winning Business Behavior. Do this right and become both contented and wealthy.  

But remember, creating Great Business Strategy is rarely a linear process. And it can be tricky. But, ah ha, there is a first step.

This is it. 
Talk to me.


Help with all aspects of the joy of creating Winning Business Strategy is available right here. One only needs to ask for it from the right person or persons. We are here for you.

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