Graham Skinner

GRAHAM SKINNER grew up as the only child of a coal miner father and fire station cook mother in the shadow of coal mines and steel mills located in the industrial West Riding of Yorkshire (now South Yorkshire) in England. He was blessed with a fertile imagination and an entrepreneurial spirit gifted by his paternal grandfather. As a schoolboy his dream was to learn robotics but there was only one college in the UK that offered a degree in robotics at the time so they had a pretty tight focus around finding potential undergraduates. That focus never quite made it to South Yorkshire so Graham embarked on an Electric/Electronic Engineering degree at Woolwich Polytechnic in London.

Partway through his middle year, despite being an A student, his faculty advisor suggested Graham leave the academic world and join the UK’s largest computer company (ICL) operating and programming mainframe computers. The gamble paid off and within 18 months he was streaks ahead of graduate entrants to the company. From there he went to work with scientists at Bristol University on a project to link distant computers and share data – it was the earliest incarnation of what would eventually become the world wide web. So sorry Al Gore, Graham really did help invent the internet!

Subsequently Graham went on to work in IT management, held ever expanding executive and consultant roles in major international corporations including mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions across the globe. In the early 1980s these endeavors brought him to the United States which he decided to make his home and continued to be employed by large corporations.

Eventually in 1989 Graham made a life changing decision to quit the corporate world and focus his energies working exclusively with individuals and small business owners. He enjoyed great success as a consultant to specialist entertainment industry businesses while also helping his wife Laura with her dream of establishing pre-schools and daycare centers in the Los Angeles area.

In his desire to help others lead more fulfilling lives, Graham has worked as a licensed financial planner and counsellor to individuals, families and business owners; established and supported business networking groups throughout Northern California; dedicated his time to those suffering or in need and now helps Laura with her more recent avocation – an animal assisted therapy program using Pumpkin their miniature horse.

Graham first met Richard when he was encouraged to visit a Master-Mind Alliance® meeting in 2009. He and Richard hit it off immediately and Richard suggested Graham start a Master-Mind Alliance® program in Chico, Ca. They have worked together since that time to enhance, expand and promote the program throughout California.

Graham’s uniquely broad experience and passion for small business has been instrumental in helping business owners achieve their goals through participation in the Master-Mind Alliance®. To this day Graham still makes a monthly pilgrimage through the Trinity mountains to be present at Richard’s meeting in Eureka.

In addition to his role within Master-Mind Alliance® Graham is becoming the most sought after Business Growth Strategist in Northern California. He’s known for helping owners easily and quickly transform their businesses into profitable million dollar enterprises. Now with his unique online E-Learning System Graham has expanded his reach to also serve business owners across the United States and beyond.

Graham is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Master NLP Practitioner.