When Good Plans Are Poorly Implemented




Life’s a bitch is a slang phrase used to state a condition or a feeling that occurs after an unpleasant or unfortunate event. The word “bitch” is intended to describe the way that life jumps out and bites you in the butt at an inconvenient time. Not always a single event, “bitch” usually means that many negative events have happened in a short amount of time to make the individual affected say this phrase.




Frustration is a feeling, a derivative of anger. The feeling of frustration usually occurs when you are stuck or trapped, or unable to move forward in some way. It could be caused by all sorts of things.


For business owners, one major source of frustration is when your well thought plan stumbles, falters or fails, because it does not get properly implemented.


Whatever the reason for frustration, it’s important to deal with the feelings quickly, because they can easily lead to more negative emotions, such as anger, or worse, succumbing to life’s greatest temptation which is…giving up, which is terrible.


Big True Fact: There is no point in expending scarce resources and lots of precious time to develop a decent plan that ought to make your business better in some meaningful way, if it fails short through a lack of proper implementation.




That’s the question huh? Yup.


Here are some suggestions that will lessen the possibility that your well thought out plan will fail due to lousy implementation. Do all the following and you will win more often.


COMMUNICATE: Communicate widely and loudly enough to ensure that everyone involved in your plan understands the entire plan and their role in securing the objectives through astute implementation of everything in the plan. Talk about it and write it down too. If it’s not written down it’s not a plan.


ASSIGN: Assign responsibilities for aspects of the plan to individuals and work groups.


START & TRACK: Start and track what happens in the first few hours. Track every part of the implementation phase. The start. The middle. And all the way through.


INSIST: Insist on individual compliance to all the behaviors in the implementation phase.


COACH: Instruct, educate, coach throughout the implementation. This is your main role in getting the help you need from others.


FEEDBACK & ACCOUNTABILITY: Keep the plan alive with regular feedback loops and report outs on plan progress, both individual contributions and team contributions. Hold people accountable for what they do and for what they fail to do too.


ADJUST: When necessary adjust and revise the plan and the implementation behavior immediately, but never change the goals.


Remember, “Well begun is half done.” ~Mary Poppins




Start today and stay with it. And remember, the major cause of poor implementation by a business owner with a well-crafted plan for improvement is…abandonment. If you abandon your focus on your plan you cannot win.




If you have trouble following through with activities intended to make things in your business-life better, seek professional help immediately. Call me if you like. Big True Fact: You just might do better with me on your side.