What do I want? Why do I want that? Where am I going with my life? Where am I going with my business? How can I know if I am on the right path for me? How can I be certain about any of this?


Jim Rohn said it well. “Goals are important for a genuinely success-oriented person. Without them, you’re just playing around. The difference between a goal-directed individual and someone without goals is like the difference between a Wimbledon champion and a kid batting a tennis ball around on a court with no net, no opponent to bring out the best in him and no way of keeping score.”


He also said that by answering five questions you can figure out who you are.


Rohn’s five questions:

1. What do I want to do?

2. Who do I want to be?

3. What do I want to see?

4. What do I want to have?

5. Where do I want to go?


I’m fond of Rohn’s five questions, but I like my six better:

1. What do I want?

2. Why do I want that?

3. Where am I going with my life?

4. Where am I going with my business?

5. How can I know if I am on the right path for me?

6. How can I be certain about any of this?


Question is, how can you answer these questions in the most powerful and effective way? And perhaps much more to the point, how can you keep the clarity you need to carry on? Well, the Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people parish.” So apparently you gotta have vision — and that’s clarity.


Bit True Fact: To some degree or other, every individual struggles with the decision of what to do in life. There are some people that for as long as they remember, have wanted to be a teacher or a doctor or work on Wall Street. Most, however, find themselves wondering where they actually want to be in five, ten or even twenty years down the road. And this is normal.


And sure enough, every time you’re sure you’ve figured it out, something comes along and makes you question your purpose all over again. This is normal too.


Here are the things I know to be true for just about everyone. We all want to do work we are passionate about. We want to wake up every day and not grudgingly sigh about having to go to our job. We want to do something that we will excel at because it’s something we love and something that utilizes our strengths. And of course, our main goal is to be happy, to be satisfied with our life choices.


These all sound delightful, but how are we going to ensure we achieve these objectives? And of course, another Big True fact: There are no guarantee that the path we choose will supply us with definite happiness.


Let’s see if we can add something helpful to this quandary. That something might be better question asking.


CLARITY IS THE KEY. Learning the process of becoming clear by asking yourself the right questions, and the right follow-up questions, and by making the asking and checking in with yourself a routine habit, insures that when you temporarily lose clarity, which you will from time to time, that you can get it back in short order.

You get clarity by asking yourself questions and by making the task of asking yourself certain questions a habitual and frequent routine.


But first here are a few questions about questions and questioning.


What goes on in your mind when you ask a question?


Why are questions so effective in getting you to revise or change your behavior?


Have you noticed what’s been going on in your brain as you’ve been reading? Have you seen how your brain is forcing your mind to take, or at least contemplate, taking action of some sort? This is the power of questions.


Of course, the content of the questions you ask yourself about yourself matters too. There are some best questions to ask yourself. You’ve already read some of them above: What do I want? Why do I want that? Where am I going with my life? Where am I going with my business? What are my core values?


These are powerful clarifying questions you can ask yourself. And by writing down your answers, and keeping the answers in front of you, and revisiting them from time to time, you will gain (or regain) sparklingly clear clarity. What a concept.


Now then, to maintain clarity in the long run, you must ask and answer and record and revisit your answers to these kinds of questions at a frequency that makes sense. My recommendation is once a month.


CLARITY: Know who you are. Know what you want and why you want that. Know how to get it. Go get it! Then know where to go next.


Ask and answer the questions that produce clarity and these things may be what you get. A more successful business life. A more successful personal life. More fulfilling relationships. More happiness. If you are truly interested in these outcomes, then precision with the clarity process is the key. So, get to it. Start today. Start right now.