The number one thing I’ve always wanted for my business was financial control over results. Then suddenly, I finally got it. Yes indeed! Much greater income, bigger profits, fewer worries, yes!



I also reduced the amount of time I spent working down to a manageable level. I didn’t worry excessively anymore. No more unfixable frustrations. And I spent my time working ON my business instead on IN it all the time. I was unbelievably happy. Yea!! You can have all this too.



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For a long time, I was terribly frustrated. I didn’t know what to do. How could I put an end to the income roller coaster and get predictable financial control over results?


Well, I found out it requires better strategy. And getting better strategy requires expert input and know how. I had no-one to talk to about my business who could help me. But suddenly I did. I found a whole room full of business owner peers who started giving me advice on decisions and plans and strategy. Plus, a great coach who followed up with me personally to make sure that everything ran the way I wanted.


How did this marvelous improvement come about? Simple, a friend of mine took me to a meeting of the Master-Mind Alliance run by a business coach named Richard Borough. I was amazed to see that I could be in a room full of successful small business owners just like me and guess what, they had many of the same issues I had; except for one big difference. With the input and advice they were receiving from the other members and the encouragement they were receiving from Richard, they were working to resolve their issues. Well, the light bulb came on. I wanted this input too. I realized about half way through that first meeting that the problems and struggles I was having running my business were not so unique. Heck, I was a normal small business owner.


A couple of days later I met privately with Richard and joined Master-Mind. And he and the Master-Mind Alliance members got me going with better strategy and all the rest of what I needed. What a wonderful thing.




If you own a business and you want to make more money and have a better business life, and of course you do, then why wait? Get with it. After all, you know it’s true. Financial control and the emotional comfort that goes with it is the holy grail of business ownership.


In my first year in Master-Mind I just about doubled my income. In my second year my income more than doubled and I started talking Fridays off. By year four my income had quadrupled, my employees were happier to be paid more, my wife quit her job that she never liked much, and we started taking vacations, two or three weeks at a time traveling all over the place, while my business, a medium sized architectural firm, with all the improvements I made, ran swimmingly and profitably without me. What could be better?


I kept my membership for years until I sold my business to two of my employees and retired. I could never had done that without the support of my fellow Master-Mind members and Richard.


I still talk with Richard via email and the occasional phone call from time to time. We became friends during my years in the program. He’s still one of my most trusted advisers.


The Master-Mind Alliance is great. But don’t just take my word for it. Read some testimonials from other members.




If you own a business, you know what I’m talking about. Financial control and the emotional comfort that goes with it, that’s the holy grail of business ownership. YES!!!


Look at my situation. I was bogged down in the details of running my business and didn’t have a clear picture of how to run it. I felt overwhelmed and was miserable way too much of the time. The most typical symptom of frustration I had was financial strain.


The money was good some of the time but not all of the time. Income was unpredictable, that worried me, a lot.


In retrospect, I now know that like so many small business owners I was an expert in my field, but not in running a business. I needed to know how to set up for and measure financial success and lasting control; otherwise, I knew I would surely never achieve it or the emotional comfort that goes with it.


If you feel like you are working too hard and profiting too little, you might actually be doing the right things, you just might need to be doing more of the right things in the right way. Evaluate your financial strategy to see if you are planning for profit and charting your growth.


And it’s never too late to do what is necessary and critical to achieve your goals, improve your bottom line and grow your business. I was 47 years old and had been in business for years before I met Richard, joined the Master-Mind Alliance, and started getting lasting financial control over my business. If Master-Mind could work for me it’ll work for anybody. The bottom line is – if you want to make more money and have a better business life, and of course you do, then why wait? Get with it. Call Richard Borough today.


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Some of these results are truly amazing…….

“I asked Richard to look at my operation here at Horizon Business Products and in 20 minutes he found a way for me to make an additional ninety thousand dollars profit over the next twelve months. Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you, Richard.” ~Loene Gossett, Horizon Business Products, Fortuna, CA. Master-Mind Alliance member from 2016 to 2018


“Since I’ve been in the Master-Mind Alliance, I have been able to expand my business to a branch in another town, I don’t know if I would have had the ability to do that without their support.” ~Ron Biasca, Broadway Medical, member since July 2008


“Since I joined Master Mind, our business has tripled in volume, and it’s one of the best business decisions I have made in the last thirty years.” ~Leona Simpson, Sequoia Personnel Services, two-year member who then successfully sold her business and retired


“The Master Mind Alliance group led by Richard Borough has been a very rewarding experience for me in managing my business growth. It gives me the forum that I need to evaluate my strategic plans on a consistent basis. This allows me to be heavily located in my big picture objectives and gives me that extra bit of knowledge and confidence to make the most appropriate business decisions on a daily basis. Richard is a fantastic group facilitator, strategy coach, and a psychological specialist for entrepreneurs and business owners who operate in the extremely competitive arenas of today. You will see performance results beginning within yourself very quickly.” Kevin Wells, HumBooks, member since November 2017