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Starting with opening the door in the morning, every successful and prospering business enterprise has a set of ESSENTIAL ROUTINES – behaviors and activities that satisfy the needs and wants of the people who buy, and that generate income for the business so it may thrive and continue.

There are ESSENTIAL ROUTINES that present goods, products and services to the audience of potential buyers for the business. There are ESSENTIAL ROUTINES that implement good marketing plans, that make sales conversations happen, that deliver what’s sold, that collect the money, that manage all the people involved, that keep score, and that collectively keep the enterprise moving forward. There are lots of appropriate ESSENTIAL ROUTINES – behaviors and activities – and they must all be performed properly and on time and on budget – and be tuned up and refined from time to time – so the business can prosper over the long haul.

It is crucial that the people who own and manage the enterprise keep the ESSENTIAL ROUTINES sharply and cleanly functioning properly. In fact, seems to me like that’s “job one.”

Here are some business health questions to ask yourself from time to time. The answers will help you asses your current level of capability to grow and flourish. They can also work to identify potential performance gaps to close.


What are your ESSENTIAL ROUTINES? How well do they work for you now? What’s missing? Is there anything else you need? If you need better ESSENTIAL ROUTINES, are you able to take care of that by yourself, or will you need help? If you require assistance, where will you find the help you need?


You know, you might to look to the Master-Mind Alliance® as a best source of help with your ESSENTIAL ROUTINES. Suppose you did that – might be great. In fact, is there any really good reason to avoid giving us a look?

The Master-Mind Alliance® meets every month – in Eureka, CA on the second Wednesday – and in Chico, CA on the third Wednesday. A simple phone call gets you an invitation.

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