Dealing With Business Stress


Bone Crushing Business Stress – resulting from unresolved acute or chronic problems, and/or weak strategies, and/or missing or inadequate operational systems – can wreak havoc over your business life. In truth, if left unchecked, bone crushing business stress can destroy the success of any enterprise or organization.


However – with the correct intervention – consisting of better strategies, better systems, better behavior, and a sparklingly clear and well communicated vision of where you want to go and how you intend to get there – your business stress can be significantly reduced, all the way down to manageable levels. Then your path to success can be straight ahead and unencumbered. It’s up to you to make this happen and we can help if you like.




In your work, what is your most frequent cause of stress? Be specific. Something triggers your stress. What is it? What is the underlying source or cause of your stress? Right before your start feeling stressed, what is going on? Is it always the same thing? Do you deal with that thing in the same way every time? What works and what does not? Would it help reduce the tension and lower your stress if your operational strategies worked better? Which ones need to be made to work better?


The cure for business owner stress is better strategy. Avoid or delay applying the cure and eventually you will fall victim to life’s greatest temptation which is to settle for less because the stress overcomes you or worse, it totally crushes your entrepreneurial spirit.


Better strategy means you must resolve all those acute and/or chronic unresolved pesky problems and find a way to resolves new ones when they crop up as they inevitably will most certainly do.


So how to you solve a business problem? We’ll first you define it clearly. Then you share it with someone else to see if what you’re thinking makes sense to other people. Then with fresh input, either from within your own mind or from conversation with others who are able to understand because they’ve been there, you apply a potential solution and see what happens.


Isolate and deal with the stressor, remove it, crush it or work around it.


Why did you start your business?  Take it down to be happy, then ask how happy are you now? What would it take to make you deliriously happy?


So…if you feel overly stressed too often, and if you want help to make it go away…you know who to call. I will help you. I will. 707-268-8691