What if I could show you how to significantly improve the performance of your business? Might be great huh? Well, I think I can do that. Read on please.


There is a way you can do all the following: Create great business strategy that will double your income. Build bullet proof operational systems. Develop splendid leadership behavior. Delver top notch customer service. Ensure employee engagement, productivity and contentment. Did I mention double your income? Yes, I did. And of course, do good work in the world. All this is more than possible. It’s within your grasp – if you are motivated and willing to learn how, you can have it all in 2019 and beyond. So, interested? Then let me explain a bit more.


There is one gigantic first essential step. You must write a powerful VISION STATEMENT that clearly and succinctly describes where you want to take your business in then next few months – and that also describes WHY you want to take your business to that particular place.


A VISION STATEMENT describes a destination. It points you and all your helpers, partners, and employees toward that future place.


Your VISION STATEMENT also states your financial goals, gross and net income goals and how much of your net income do you want to go into your wallet.


Once you have sparkling clarity about all this, you share your VISION STATEMENT with all your people. All except for the “into your wallet” part. That’s private, that number you keep to yourself.


You will require guidance as you proceed. I can provide that guidance for you.


Just call me at 707-268-8691 and we’ll start talking.



If we agree to work together, I will guide you through VISION, SAM & POP. I already described the VISION part. Now the rest. The S in SAM stands for Strategy and Systems. The A in SAM stands for Accountability and Action. The M in SAM stands for Measurement and Mindfulness. And POP, well that stands for Put On Paper, write it down.


You will need a few SMART Goals and plans to achieve them of course. I will help you there too. But that’s enough for now. If you want to know more about CRANK IT UP, call me and we’ll talk.