Challenge Drives Excellence

Challenge Drives Excellence

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HOW DO GOOD BUSINESS OWNERS GET BETTER? They consistently challenge themselves and they go for it with all their might. That’s might sound trite but yes it’s true. 

Big True Fact: Excellence is a choice. That’s right. People who do things excellently chose to do those things excellently. In our Master-Mind Alliance® meetings we see it all the time.

Someone will be presenting an issue that they’re struggling with, something that’s got them stumped, perplexed and confused. And from someone sitting across the room will come a suggestion that goes something like this.

“We’ll gee, have you ever thought about doing (such and such)? That might make your problem go away in an instant.”

Often times the member in question has not thought off whatever that “such and such” happened to be. If they had thought of it, they might have tired it. But once they hear this sometimes initially “off the wall” sounding suggestion and listen to others comment of its potential too, they either immediately or gradually come to see the value of that input. Then they embrace it and turn it into new strategy.

They say, “Hum, that never occurred to me. Think I will try that. It’ll be challenging but if it works, it works.”

To get better we must challenge ourselves to get better, to put better behavior into the game of enterprise. Those who put themselves into position to get the INPUT they need when they are unsure about how to proceed, and who then have the courage to apply what they hear about, these are the winners year after year. These are the folks who challenge convention who are never content to let the status quo be the status quo always and forever.

We know how to make the operation of any viable small business more successful. You just have to do enough of the things that are known to work. Those things are not a secret. We talk about them and share experiences using them at each and every Master-Mind Alliance® meeting.

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