Entrepreneural Joy

What Does Every Business Owner In The World Want?

Every business owner wants “ENTREPRENEURIAL JOY.”

As a business coach and owner of a business coaching firm I want that – and I know you want that too. Here’s the thing. You can have ENTREPRENEURIAL JOY, yes you can, when you have all three component parts working for you. The three component parts are:

  1. A clear path to prosperity – that can be everlasting – with no fuzziness – no chaos – and no doubt.
  1. A systematic way to keep your path free of interference – and your powers of focus and concentration sharp as you move ceaselessly ahead.
  1. Balance – the gift of being able to love your work and to love your life too.

When you make it possible for yourself to have the three things that comprise ENTREPRENEURIAL JOY – your life will get and stay better forever – yup, yup, yup.

So then the question becomes – “Okay smart guy, you’re a business coach, you should know, so how do business owners get and keep these three things?” Yeah that’s the central question. You want to know the answer to that huh.

Making it happen is all about accepting what we call the Master-Mind Alliance® Challenge. The Challenge is about putting yourself in the right place – asking the right questions – being open to change – being open to accepting the right answers – then willingly and diligently applying the new information to tweak what you are doing in your business and how you are doing it – or – in some cases – taking that input and making major changes in what you are doing in your business and how you are doing it.

The self-daring part of the “Challenge” is the being open to change – plus being open to accepting the right answers – and then being willing to taking new action. This is business coaching in a nutshell.

That’s right, I said “self-daring,” you are daring yourself to do something that will hopefully cause a quantum leap ahead. Your business coach may need to prompt this self-daring or you may get there on your own. But one way or another, self-dare you must.

Big Fat Truth: A closed mind is a terrible thing. A closed mind has stopped growing. A closed mind is the mind of a doomed person.

Being wide open to new and better ways is the mark of a champion in any endeavor. As a business coach I know I dearly love working with clients who are wide open to input, the individual who is always looking to finding a better way – for it is that person who has a decent chance at everlasting enlightenment and, of course, ENTREPRENEURIAL JOY.

  Image 1

Let me ask you a starting business coaching question.

Image 2

Are you currently…

Image 3

Got this in abundance?

Image 4

If so, that’s great. And – you can always choose to make your life and your business-life even better. Yes you can. The limits are way out there.

Image 5

Big Fat Truth right here…

Image 6

Start with this.

Image 7

Realize this Big True Truth.

Image 8

Please understand how this looping system works.

Image 9

Now – the business coach in me says…get yourself ready to take this.

Image 10

It’s only 3 months. And you can do a whole lot in that amount of time – if you want.

Image 11

Set some of these.

Image 12

Make this be one of them.

Image 13

Keep this going.

Image 14

Do what ever it takes and this result will be yours to enjoy.

Image 15

That’s the Master-Mind Alliance® Challenge illustrated.

Image 1

Now – please tell me what you think of this?