8 Simple Yes or No Questions Business Health Questions







Get out your pencil and check YES or NO as you read through these eight key business health assessment questions.


Note: There is no “maybe” or “sort of” answer to these questions. If it’s not a clear YES, it’s a NO.



1. Do you operate your business from a written plan that contains           goals and describes how you will achieve them?

2. Do you have a simple way to track business growth over time?

3. Have you doubled your income from sales in the past 3 to 5 years?

4. Do you have an adviser who helps you create winning business           strategy?

5. Do you usually work in a low pressure relaxed state of mind?

6. Are you able to leave work at work when you go home?

7. Can you be gone a lot and have your business still function well?

8. Do you have an exit plan in mind?


How many YESES did you get?


If your business running splendidly, you got a lot of YES answers. 


If you said NO too many times you might want to set up a time for us to talk a bit.


Things can be better.


You can have more predictability, more growth, more profits, more prosperity and more business happiness.


You can answer YES to everyone one of the eight questions, and you should.