7 Essentials for Your Business Success

If you own a business, and don’t do anything with it, you’ll go broke. And if you continue not to do anything, not show up, not offer anything for sale, not communicate with potential buyers, you’ll stay broke.


On the other hand, if you take advantage of your opportunity, show up regularly and do enough of the right things in the right way, you will not go broke. You will flourish. So, what are the right things? Well, business people want to know that. They have questions. How can I make my business more successful? How can I get more of what I want? How can I win in MY business?


These are good questions. They should be answered. If you’re ready I’ll give you the answers. Are you ready? Okay, here goes. Here are the Seven Essentials that Produce Delirious Contentment In Business:


1. Make sure you have a WINNING-MONEY-MAKING-GRAND STRATEGY, an overarching plan that describes the ideal structure and operation of your enterprise… and that all that’s in your GRAND STRATEGY works like it’s supposed to most of the time. Getting this right will guarantee two things. First, that you can execute, pull the trigger, hit the nail on the head, in other words, that your efforts predictably produce desirable results for your customers and clients, and especially… for yourself. Second, that you can turn what you do best into plenty of income, CASH MONEY, so you can stay in business and be HAPPY.


2. Make sure you offer goods, products and services for sale that people want or need… and can afford to buy. So, no Ferrari dealerships in rural West Virginia and no air conditioner stores in Alaska.


3. Make sure you communicate your offerings to the correct audience; the correct audience means to enough-potential-likely-and-willing-buyers.


4. Make sure you close enough deals.


5. Make sure the money adds up in your favor.


6. Make sure you can do all this consistently… and… on a manageable schedule that leaves plenty of free time to spend any way you wish.


Now then, all this “Make Sure” stuff is about behavior, isn’t it? Yup, winning in business is about putting the right behavior in the right place at the right time. It’s behavior, behavior, behavior. And the right behavior gets you the number one characteristic every business person wants for his or her enterprise, and that is… PREDICTABILITY. It sure isn’t chaos and it sure isn’t uncertainty. Nope. People want PREDICTABILITY most of all. They want to know that when they do such and such they will get such and such results most of the time. With PREDICTABILITY, there is not much about which to worry. Not much to keep you up nights.


So now we come to that little three letter word HOW. How am I going to make this stuff work in MY business? I can see how this might work in someone else’s business, but what about mine, because MY situation is unique.

So, if you’re thinking about your business right now, you might be wondering HOW do I get these six ESSENTIAL MAKE SURES? Well, the answer to that can be found in ESSENTIAL Number 7.


7. Make sure you have an INPUT Generator… a safe place to regularly talk about all aspects of your GRAND STRATEGY and your goals and your Game Plans. A place where you can present your prickly issues and problems – and receive candid, unbiased, no holes-bared counsel to resolve them from people who understand you and who will advise you in a spirit of harmony. A place where you can make bold new commitments and devise fresh Game Plans that can be implemented successfully.


INPUT from this kind of special place makes it possible to keep your GRAND STRATEGY alive and to have all the rest of the ESSENTIALS working smoothly. Armed with intelligent INPUT, you can accelerate the performance of your business at will, overcome any obstacles that hold you back and defeat any behaviors that might be undermining your success. Then you’re always able to make measurable progress in reasonable time, which is ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID. So, this place to talk is the 7th ESSENTIAL.


Years ago, I talked to my business owner clients and lots of other people about this need I saw for an INPUT Generator, a save place for business owners to talk about their troublesome issues with hopes of finding solutions. And none of them had such a place, although they all thought it would be a good thing if an INPUT Generator for business owners existed. So, I started one.


I designed it to be like group therapy for business owners, a supportive and at times a Synanon type confrontation group. I built in a heavy emphasis on accountability and individual follow up sessions for everyone, because one thing I knew from personal experience… without follow-up meaningful progress does not happen.


This was the beginning of The Master-Mind Alliance program. My clients loved it because it worked. I loved it because it was creative and different and fun. The Master-Mind Alliance began out of a need I saw in my clients. And here we are.