11 Business Assessment Questions



Okay, you on a small business. Maybe you’ve owned it for years or maybe your still new at it. Nevertheless, the health of your business has to mater to you. So why not step back and answer a few business health questions. Your answers might prove to be illuminating. They might point you in a different direction. They might get you to focus on some things that need attention and improvement.


In any event, here are eleven business assessment questions I like to ask of my clients.



1 Are sales up, down, or about the same?

2 How’s my cash flow?

3 Am I bringing in enough money?

What data do I need to track to make better business decisions?

What’s just not working well enough?

6 Do I have sensible goals supported with achievable plans?

7 Are my employees as productive and as happy as they could be?

8 How can I pay my people more?

Can I take time off and not worry about my business?

10 What’s my business worth?

11 Do I have a business succession plan in place?


Why not write out an answer to each of these, then put your answers aside for a day and revisit them later, after you’ve had a night sleep and think a bit.


Here’s the thing. We know how to make the operation of any viable small business highly successful. It’s simple. The owner operator just has to do enough of the things that are known to work. Those things are not a secret. We talk about them and share experiences using them at each and every Master-Mind Alliance® meeting.