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There comes a time when you realize that your strategies are failing, or that cash flow is lousy, or that there is insufficient income and you have tried everything you can think of. You know you offer things for sale that people want and you’re still struggling while your competitors seem to be doing just fine.


Maybe it’s time to talk with people who can help.


That’s what the MASTER-MIND ALLIANCE® program is for. It’s business coaching in a group setting, providing peer to peer advice from business owners and operators like you, who understand what you’re going through because they’ve all been there.


Private individual follow-up sessions are also provided to ensure measurable progress on goals and plans is being made by every member.


Our MISSION Is To Help Small Business Owners And Operators Make Better Decisions Faster – As They Develop And Apply Strategies That Solve Problems And Overcome Obstacles To Steady Productivity And Profitable Growth.


When you’ve tried everything you can think of, is there anything to be lost by trying things other people can think of? Especially when it’s working for them! Imagine having an entire team of idea generators available whenever you need them.


We believe this – Participation in a Continuous Improvement Planning Process is essential, if you are to achieve and maintain a high degree of success in your enterprise.


To explore the possibilities personally, please call 707-268-8691 to arrange for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.


And, to perhaps accept an invitation to attend a MASTER-MIND ALLIANCE® session near you.



We never know for sure when you’re going to join us. And, of course, you are free to do nothing, or to do exactly what you want, to make your business better but….


Is there any good reason why you’d wait to make a call for a FREE CONSULTATION? If there is, please call and tell us.


For almost 30 years, we have been helping business owners, just like you, gain the control they seek and become financially free using superior planning and operational strategies that make everything better.


Give us an hour of your time and we’ll help you understand exactly where the problem is and how to start making the right moves to change course and to get your business and yourself on the Path to Prosperity and Happiness.


“Since I been in the Master-Mind Alliance, I have been able to expand my business to a branch in another town, I don’t know if I would have had the ability to do that without their support.” ~Ron Biasca, Broadway Medical, member since July 2008


“The business coaching at Master-Mind helped me find the path to greater success both personally and professionally.” ~Darus Trutna, Real Property Management Humboldt, member since March 2013


“Since I joined Master Mind, our business has tripled in volume, and it’s one of the best business decisions I have made in the last thirty years.” ~Leona Simpson, Sequoia Personnel Services, two year member who then successfully sold her business and retired


“Joining Master-Mind is the best thing I’ve done for my business and my piece of mind.” ~Robert Lawton, Humboldt Mortgage Company, member since March 1998


“After meeting with me for about 20 minutes Richard suggested two simple changes that will add about $90,000 profit to my business over the next 12 months. Absolutely amazing. Thank you, Richard.” ~Loene Gossett, Horizon Business Products, member from September 2016 to June 2018


“My family and I take four worry free vacations out of the country every year thanks to Master-Mind. That’s a great benefit” ~Dr Eric Wennerholm, Wennerholm Chiropractic Services, member since October 2005


“The Master Mind Alliance group led by Richard Borough has been a very rewarding experience for me in managing my business growth. It gives me the forum that I need to evaluate my strategic plans on a consistent basis. This allows me to be heavily located in my big picture objectives and gives me that extra bit of knowledge and confidence to make the most appropriate business decisions on a daily basis. Richard is a fantastic group facilitator, strategy coach, and a psychological specialist for entrepreneurs and business owners who operate in the extremely competitive arenas of today.  You will see performance results beginning within yourself very quickly.” Kevin Wells, HumBooks, member since November 2017


“If you have the opportunity get involved with the Master-Mind Alliance, if you run a business, it will be the very best thing that you have done.” ~Scott Q. Marcus, Striving for Imperfection, member since March 2006


“Richard Paris Borough’s Master-Mind Alliance is the best group coaching program around. It provides no-nonsense advice and accountability for small business owners who want more from their business. Whatever problem I have, someone has a valid solution. Master-Mind day is my favorite day of the month.” ~Graham Skinner, Master-Mind Alliance Chico, CA, member since 2009