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Hi. I'm Dr. Richard Paris Borough, a business strategist and founder of The Master-Mind Alliance® program. This is my website. There is a lot of knowledge and how to information here.

Right off the bat, you have a decision to make. 

Do you want to start a brand new business in a way that it will be hugely successful? Or, do you want to improve the performance of your already existing business - by applying the DONE Business Solution, Doubling Your Income, making your employees more productive, reducing your stress, becoming more organized, and working with a business coach on your prosperity generating strategy. This is your choice to make right now. What do you want to learn how to do.

Do you want to learn how to successfully start a brand new small business...or...do you want to learn strategies for improving an existing small business?

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PLEASE…Double Your Business Income

PLEASE…DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS INCOME YOU CAN DO THIS. Why should you do this? Well here’s the thing. When you avoid taking steps to double your income, you are losing money. How much money are you losing? You are losing whatever your current annual gross income generate by your business is right now. And his loss […]

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A Written Operational is a Must

A WRITTEN OPERATIONAL PLAN IS A MUST Sometimes business owners ask me if it is really that important to have a written operational plan. The answer is YES, YES, YES. I don’t care what you call it, it can be a business plan, a growth plan, a marketing plan, whatever you like, but you definitely […]

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Are Business Goals Ruining Your Life?

In 1953 Yale University started a long term study the goal setting habits of the graduating class of that year. They wanted to know how the careers of those who set goals would turn out. Years later they found that the 3% of the graduates who routinely set and worked on goals – had amassed […]

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